The Invisible Scars of War - Stephen Weiss

The Invisible Scars of War By Stephen Weiss

1st-hand account of a “boy” combat soldier in WWII written to take you directly to the chaos of the front line. Stephen Weiss is one of a minority of infantry soldiers to survive World War II and the ongoing mental anguish (PTSD) that affects war veterans, and lives to make peace with the post war world.

Candid, compassionate, at time humorous and impossible to put down.
The Invisible Scars of War

Dr. Stephen Weiss’s own World War II experience started as a young US military recruit. After a short training period he serves as a replacement first scout in the 36th Texas infantry rifle squad in Italy and takes part in the D-Day landings in Southern France. After being split off from his unit in a night attack and reported missing in action, he fights alongside French resistance fighters and joins the American OSS until finally re-joining his unit again in Northern France; sick, exhausted and broken.

Stephen lives through harrowing wartime experiences and survives against all odds. But the impact of his experience turns out to be lasting, something that Dr Stephen Weiss has found in his work as a clinical psychologist with a doctorate and masters in War at King’s College London, to be a common condition for all fighters on the front line.

In the Invisible Scars of War, Stephen Weiss gives an honest and very personal account of him as a bewildered kid, fighting a war and seeing death and wounding in a way that nothing in life can prepare you for.

As one of very few survivors amongst those who faced the enemy eyeball to eyeball, this authentic account provides insight into the unimaginable experiences of the just 7% of the military who were combat soldiers and the life-long after-effects for those lucky enough to survive.

First published in September 2011 under the title: “Second Chance: In Combat with the US 'Texas' Infantry, the OSS, and the French Resistance During the Liberation of France, 1943-1946” and now updated with additional imagery and maps.

“Steve Weiss, a brave soldier during the war, demonstrated greater courage afterward in facing up to the trauma that battered the lives of thousands of ordinary GIs just like him. This is an exciting, astounding story of a young man who came of age through a crucible of battle and, more importantly, came to understand and know himself. This is the war that has, until now, been left out of history”.

Charles Glass author of Americans in Paris.
ABOUT G.I. Weiss, PhD
  • Fellowship King’s College London
  • Senior Research Fellow King’s College London
  • MA in War Studies from King’s College London, 1990
  • PHD, War Studies from King’s College London, 1995
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • MA in Clinical Psychology, Goddard College, Vermont, 1976
  • Degree of Fine arts in Photography launching a career in Television sound and camera work
  • Military Service 1st Scout 36th Texas Infantry , French Resistance and OSS during the liberation of Europe 1943-1946

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