The Invisible Scars of War - Stephen Weiss

The Invisible Scars of War

Dr. Stephen Weiss’s memoirs describes his journey into war to liberate Europe in the second World war as an eager youngster, his battle experiences in Italy, the D-Day landings in Southern France and the battles in the Vosges and the work with the French resistance and the OSS when he finds himself stranded behind enemy lines. The book describes his personal battlefield that starts during the war but continues throughout his eventful life in post-war Paris, in television in LA and his late career in psychology and war studies.

His book is available in print and electronic format.

First published in September 2011 under the title: “Second Chance: In Combat with the US 'Texas' Infantry, the OSS, and the French Resistance During the Liberation of France, 1943-1946” and now updated with additional imagery and maps.

Allies in Conflict

Dr. Stephen Weis’s book based on his 1995 thesis for his Kings College PhD explores the Anglo-American relations between the nations between 1939 and 1944 and their negotiations that culminated in the Anvil debate and the Anvil-Dragoon landings on the beaches of Southern France. The book provides a critical insight into the sources of conflict between the allies. Structural and organisational barriers, differing strategic interests, problems with trust, cultural differences and even language, not to mention the leadership styles of Churchill and Roosevelt increased tensions and hampered negotiations on the road to strategic solution to the war in Europe.

His book is available in hard and soft cover.


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