The Invisible Scars of War - Stephen Weiss

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Brooklyn Bridge

36th Division, Mediterranean Operations, 1943-1944

Operations in the Lower Rhone Valley August 1944

MIX - Stephen Weiss 1944 – September Lyon

Sophia Loren, 1957

Stephen Weiss - French Legion of Honor Ceremony, at the Marshal Foch statue in London 2013


Brooklyn, USA

Stephen Weiss is born in Brooklyn in 1925, son of William and Jean Weiss.

25 May 1943

Florida, USA

Recruited and trained into infantry replacement training centre, camp Blanding, Florida and enlisted in 36th Texas Infantry.

Jan-June 1944

Anzio, Italy

Battle of Anzio.

15 August 1944

Naples, Italy | St Fréjus Gulf beaches, Southern France

Boarding British Landing Craft at Pozzuoli, near Naples followed by amphibious landings on the beaches near St Raphael in Southern France as part of Allied Operation Anvil, later named operation Dragoon.

24 August 1944

Rhone Valley, France

Cut off from his unit with 7 men, ambushed near the city of Valance and reported missing in action the following day.

September 1944

Rhone Valley, France

Fights alongside French resistance fighters in sabotage operations to free France

Recruited by American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) special force behind enemy lines in intelligence operations.

October 1944

Vosges, France


11 November 1946

Paris, France

Reunited with Texas 36th infantry unit and deployed in further combat in a bitter winter battle.

Combat fatigue, inability to eat and sleep leads to serial defection and return to battle and eventual court-martial followed by imprisonment. Recognition of his condition as shell-shock leads to re-assignment of duties as a war-photographer. This assignment continues post-war and takes him to former combat zones across Europe.

November 1946


Return to Brooklyn, New York, USA. Suffers mental breakdown, unable to function and integrate back into an unfamiliar society as one of a minority of fighting men who survived.


Los Angeles, USA

1947 - Photographer and music producer for American Network T.V. and CFI Hollywood.

1960’s - Shared owner of exclusive LA Cyrano’s restaurant.

1976 - MA in Clinical Psychology, Goddard College, Vermont, 1976 - Licensed Clinical Psychiatrist.

1989 - 1995

London, UK

MA in War Studies from King’s College London, 1990.
PHD, War Studies from King’s College London, 1995.

Awarded “Légion d’Honneur” by President Chirac of France.
Awarded Frances highest order “Commendeur de la Légion d’Honneur”.
Both awards are accepted by Stephen on behalf of all veterans.


London, UK

Awarded Fellowship at King’s College London.





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