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Steve’s new book ‘Allies in Conflict’ now available


Stephen's new book on Anglo-American negotiations 1939-44 and the road to Anvil-Dragoon landings in Southern France has been published. Hard copy or soft-back version of his new book based on his 1995 PhD thesis for Kings College with additional war time photography give critical insight into the forces that affected US and Great Britain as they searched for a strategic solution of the war in Europe. Issues of trust, partisan interests, civilian and military structures as well as differences in strategic thinking cultural and language barriers, not to mention influential leadership styles of Roosevelt and Churchill are revealed. The issues which culminated in the ANVIL debate and the actual ANVIL-Dragoon operation, the invasion of southern France. The book is available in hard and softcover now.

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I-M Intelligent Magazine publishes an interview with World War II Veteran G.I. Stephen Weiss


The editor I-M Intelligent Magazine and Stephen’s friend Sid Vasili interviewed him for I-M Intelligent magazine and published it in the December Edition to share his story and insights ahead of the publication of my book “the Invisible Scars of War”.

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Kings’s College London Fellowship


King’s College letter confirms that the Council of King’s college London confers a Fellowship of the university to him in recognition of exceptional service and achievements.



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